Salt and Light Council Affiliate

Our Mission

Our mission is to see America’s biblical and moral foundations restored by training and equipping churches to establish Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministries that will defend and promote life, natural marriage, and our constitutional and religious liberties.

About Salt and Light Council

We are a non-political, non-partisan 501c3, dedicated to promoting biblical moral values in the public sector. Further, we are a coalition of cross-denominational churches with active Salt and Light Biblical Citizenship Ministries working to rebuild our Judeo-Christian heritage in America.

We mobilize Christians at the grassroots level, helping them to live out their responsibility to influence government and civic affairs for good.

History has clearly shown that without a strong, godly influence to overcome the natural tendency toward evil, governmental authority will destroy God-given rights, including the right to hear and speak His truth.

We seek to love and care for all of God’s people, transforming hearts and minds through prayer, education and action.

Our Past Events - Check out Below!


Our October 19, 2023 Meeting at 7pm

Our September 21, 2023 Meeting at 7pm

Our April 20, 2023 Meeting

Debbie Fitchett - Salt and Light Affiliate Grace San Marcos
Dran Reese and Barbara Moore
The whole team tonight!